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Performance Marketing Consultant

Strategy, planning, advertising and optimisation for all digital platforms. It’s not just about Google, Facebook and TikTok, it’s about driving outcomes for our clients and finding the audience wherever they are in the digital landscape

Data Analysis Consultant

Analytics isn’t just about collecting data, you need to know what data to use. We enable you to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, collect the data needed to fine-tune your website and ultimately maximise your return on investment (ROI).

E-mail Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing is not dead! With potential customer-oriented e-mail communication, correct data segmentation, correct content and automation, you can turn e-mail marketing into the most efficient sales opportunity tool for your business!

Campaign Performance Consultant

We analyze the visitors of your website or mobile application with various techniques and tools. We report pages with a high bounce rate and most visited but not converting. We find the root problem with a more detailed analysis of each poorly performing category.

Marketplace Consulting

The traffic of the marketplace is very important in the local market and digital opportunities opening up to the world. We support you in all processes such as product management, stock management, store opening, shop-in shop analysis and buybox analysis on the marketplace and website. Keep your store visibility and score high with regular reporting

Website Development

Stand out online with a professional website, online store, or portfolio. With Digital Musichool, you can turn any idea into a reality. The purpose of a website is to provide customers with detailed information about your business and the kind of business you are operating.

Tech & Industry Consultant

Innovation isn’t limited to releasing new products. Companies must continuously reinvent how they compete—and embrace their outsize role in society. We guide the way. Our approach to client work recognizes that the technology industry is actually many sectors, with unique challenges and opportunities in each. Examining the reports on a sectoral basis and trend analyzes for the future are within the scope of the study.

E-commerce & Marketing Training

It covers digital awareness and knowledge-oriented training given to the marketing department or various department employees of the company. It is a detailed performance marketing and e-commerce digital transformation training series with transfer of best cases learned and applied in different sectors.